10 Places To Visit In Quezon City In 2023 You Cannot Ignore

10 Places To Visit In Quezon City In 2023 You Cannot Ignore

Are you planning your next trip to Quezon City in the Philippines? You should be aware of this fact that it once used to serve as the capital city of the Philippines during the period from 1948-1976. There are many places to visit in Quezon City. Their interesting architecture keeps you hooked. With a myriad of tourist attractions, this city receives both domestic as well as countless international tourists throughout the year. Besides its popular attractions, delicious dishes prepared in the finest restaurants here are simply delightful in their taste, freshness and flavors.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Quezon City

As you know that Quezon City was the capital of the Philippines for almost 28 years before Manila, thus it still boasts of several historical places to visit. In addition, it has exceptional road connectivity as well. Below are some of the best places to visit in Quezon City for a once in a lifetime experience.

Art In Island
Eastwood City
Sining Kamalig
La Mesa Eco Park
Quezon Memorial Circle
Greenhills Shopping Center
SM Megamall
Maginhawa Food Park
Mt. Carmel Shrine
Smart Araneta Coliseum

1. Art In Island

Image Source Art in Island receives tourists round the year from all corners of the world and is one of the best places to visit in Quezon City. Popularly known as the world’s first selfie museum, this family-friendly art museum allows all visitors to pose and take photos with 3D paintings and murals. There are too many things to see and do in this Asia’s largest 3D trick art museum. So, plan your day trip to this museum and click pictures with your family and friends for keepsakes.

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2. Eastwood City

Eastwood City

Image Source Your trip to Quezon City in the Philippines will remain incomplete if you don’t discover Eastwood City. This 17 hectares commercial and residential town is home to several towers which are of world-class stature and thus seek everybody’s attention. If you want to make memories of a lifetime, don’t forget keeping the Eastwood City in a must visit places list in the Quezon City.

3. Sining Kamalig

Amazing view

Image Source One of the most popular art galleries of the Philippines, Sining Kamalig appeals to each and every visitor. Although it is not that big, it is full of things which are going to entertain, stun and inspire you. Popular artists’ works have been collected and kept here for the visitors to see. Each artwork is different and thus has a story to tell. Some of the popular artworks are about indigenous people in the Philippines. It is guaranteed that you and your family members and friends will definitely spend quality time there.

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4. La Mesa Eco Park

lake view

Image Source Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rappelling, zip-lining, and fishing are some of the most popular activities which tourists can involve in the La Mesa Eco Park in the Philippines and which makes this one of the fun places to visit in Quezon City. Post-renovation now, this park has become one of the most sought after and prime locations for the visitors. Covering an area of 33 hectares, this park is situated amidst scenic beauty. It gets tourists from across the world, so you can consider visiting this place at least once in your lifetime.

5. Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle

Image Source The Quezon Memorial Circle is a National Park in the Philippines. Housing a small amusement park for all adventure and thrill-seekers, you can plan a day outing to this spot. This is one of the best places to visit in Quezon City with kids. There are green spaces to flock and enjoy. Dining stalls and outlets are also available so that visitors can eat as and when they are hungry and spend quality time here.

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6. Greenhills Shopping Center

Shopping Center

Image Source One of the most popular shopping mall complexes in the city, Greenhills Shopping Center is worth a trip. The locals and tourists visit this mall for shopping, dining, and rejuvenation through the beauty & wellness services offered in its premises. With over 2,000 stores in a unique indoor/outdoor environment, this mall is well connected by road. Once you land in Quezon City, just book a cab and directly go to the mall.

7. SM Megamall

SM Megamall

Image Source The second largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the 5th largest in the world, SM Megamall is worth a trip. It is a perfect destination for shopaholics. With an area of approximately 10 hectares, this mall is home to a number of shops, restaurants and cinema halls, among other things. Developed and operated by SM Prime Holdings, it is not only a destination for the shoppers but also for diners looking for great recipes from national cuisines.

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8. Maginhawa Food Park

Maginhawa Food Park

Image Source Maginhawa Food Park is home to several world-class restaurants and eateries that help the tourists and locals to taste the hand-prepared food made from the local and seasonal ingredients. With a wide selection of delicious and flavorful dishes, diners can taste delicious Philippines dishes. The restaurants and eateries have well-trained employees to welcome their guests in a friendly, courteous and warm manner.

9. Mt. Carmel Shrine

Mt. Carmel Shrine

Image Source If you are looking for a place to spend some moments in solitude, then Mt. Carmel Shrine could be a perfect destination for you. This old church is not only big and magnificent, but it also helps you to feel a connection with Almighty God. The visitors are advised to be quiet there. You will receive peace of mind in the tranquil and soothing environment. It receives locals and tourists from around the year. The wedding customs are also solemnized in this Church.

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10. Smart Araneta Coliseum

Smart Araneta Coliseum

Image Source Known as The Big Dome, The Smart Araneta Coliseum is an indoor multi-purpose sports area in the Philippines. Being one of the largest indoor areas in Asia today, it offers you the facility of playing many games at once. Apart from the boxing and cockfighting games, this complex is also popular for local and international concerts, circuses and religious gatherings. You need a whole day to explore it. Thus plan your time accordingly while visiting this place.

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There are many places to visit in Quezon City, but it is up to you how much time you have to explore them on your trip to the Philippines. Apart from the scenic beauty, shopping malls, and world-class restaurants, the Philippines offers adventurous trails which are perfect for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts and also people who want a close-up view of nature. The restaurants and eateries at this place offer you the best quality innovative food and beverages inspired by Philippines roots. People Also Read

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Quezon City

Why is Quezon City so popular?

Quezon is the largest city in Manila and has is famous for being the ultimate hub for entertainment industry in the Philippines. Apart from this, there are numerous historical and religious sites that make it one of the best places tto visit in the country. From world-class dining optins to some of the best shopping places, Quezon has it all.

Which are the best places to visit in Quezon City?

Some of the best attractions you must visit in Quezon City include: 1. Art In Island 2. Eastwood City 3. Sining Kamalig 4. La Mesa Eco Park 5. Quezon Memorial Circle 6. Greenhills Shopping Center 7. SM Megamall 8. Maginhawa Food Park 9. Mt. Carmel Shrine 10. Smart Araneta Coliseum

Can I visit Quezon City during the current Covid situation?

Yes, you can now plan a visit to Quezon City. Make sure that you are following all the government protocols that include wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and maintaining social distance.

What is the best time to visit Quezon City?

To witness the charm of Quezon City, you must plan a trip from December to April. Compared to other months, there’s not much humidity during these months which will surely enhance your vacation experience.

Which ate the best foods to try when visiting Philippines?

If you want to enjoy the authentic taste of local delicacies of the place, make sure to try dishes like Adobo, Sisig, Crispy pata, Chicken inasal, Taba ng talangka, Pancit Palabok, Arroz Caldo, Bulalo, Fish tinola

How many days are enough to plan a trip to Quezon City?

A trip of 4-5 days would suffice to witness the best of the destination. From visiting the famous tourist attractions to indulging in adventurous activities, you can enjoy everything on your trip.

Which are the best beaches near Quezon City?

The top-rated beaches in Quezo City are: 1. Tali Beach 2. Burot Beach 3. Malabrigo Point 4. Bamboo Beach 5. Halfmoon Beach 6. Nagbalayong Beach 7. Borawan Beach 8. Laki Beach

Where can I visit in Quezon City to enjoy its nightlife?

The best clubs and pubs in Quezon city where you can enjoy include Oblivion, Ka Freddie’s Music Bar & Restaurant, Zirkoh Comedy Bar, Casa Marcos Restaurant, Cowboy Grill, Red Planet Quezon City, Vanity Club.

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