Knowadays Freelance Writer Course: Is It Legit? (Honest Review + Tips)

Knowadays Freelance Writer Course: Is It Legit? (Honest Review + Tips)

In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Becoming a Freelance Writer course by Knowadays. I’ve just finished taking it myself, and within this blog, I’ll share with you a detailed breakdown of the course; what it includes, and my honest thoughts and feelings about it.

Freelance writing is an amazing way to make money from anywhere in the world. I’m a freelance writer and am writing this from a house in Spain with a view of the ocean (not bragging, but it is beautiful!). However, with a lot of would-be writers out there, the competition can be fierce.

If you’re serious about launching your freelance writing career, but don’t have a lot of experience, it might be worth considering investing in a course to set you off.

Note: Knowadays used to be called Proofreading Academy. If you see any online references to Proofreading Academy reviews, it’s effectively the same company.

Read more: I’ve also reviewed Knowadays‘ other courses on Becoming a Proofreader and Becoming an Editor. These are worth checking out too.

Knowadays Freelance Writer Course: Quick Look

The Knowadays Freelance Writing Course is fully online and can be completed anywhere – like while traveling in Spain!

Here are a few of the key takeaways to note about the freelance writing course by Knowadays:

Written materials and practical exercises: Most of the course consists of written materials for you to read in your own time. There are also links to external resources, a series of helpful precedent documents (including outreach emails), and several (unassessed) written exercises for you to put your skills into practice.

Quizzes to test your understanding: Most modules contain quizzes to help better cement your knowledge and understanding. These aren’t assessed and you can repeat them as many times as you like.

Final written assessment: Once you’ve completed the course materials, you’ll write and submit a final written assessment. The task is to write a blog post, following a content brief and style guide, so it’s a fairly accurate simulation of a real-life freelance writing job.

Feedback from tutors: Your final assessment is marked and graded by a Knowadays tutor. The tutor will then give you detailed feedback and offer you the option to discuss your results with them on a call.

Opportunity to write for Knowadays: If you score 80% or more on the final assessment, you’ll be given the opportunity to write three blogs for the Knowadays content team. This is a great way to start building up a portfolio of your work straight away, especially if you’re just starting out.

It takes 10–20 hours: The exact time it’ll take you depends on how fast you read, and how long it takes you to do the practice assignments, as well as the final written assignment.

Course cost: The course usually costs $999. However, right now you can get 25% off by using the promo code “GOATS25”.

Free trial: Knowadays offers a free trial that gives you access to a small percentage of the course, so you can try it out and see whether the format works for you before parting with any money.

Learn more: For more information on this course, check out the Knowadays website.

What is Knowadays?

taking the editor course online with knowadays
I’ve taken 3 courses with Knowadays, and highly recommend the company

Knowadays, formerly known as Proofreading Academy, is a highly-regarded provider of online courses. Established in 2017, the company has an excellent reputation and an impressive rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.

Knowadays used to be called Proofreading Academy. If you see any references to that company online, it’s effectively the same organization.

As well as Knowadays’ freelance writer’s course, the company additionally offers industry-leading courses on Becoming a Proofreader and Becoming an Editor. I’ve completed both of these courses, and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s also considering a career within these fields.

The quality of Knowadays’ course materials is consistently excellent, and they’re all 100% available online.

Who is the Becoming a Freelance Writer Course For?

This course is for anybody who’s seriously considering embarking on a freelance writing career; either as a side hustle or as a full-time job.

The beauty of freelance writing is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. It’s a great option for digital nomads, van lifers, stay-at-home parents, and other remote workers who are interested in starting a freelance writing business. Alternatively, it’s ideal for anyone just looking to make a little extra money online.

Anyone with a passion for writing can be a freelance writer. But it can be competitive, and it’s often hard to make yourself stand out.

Taking the Becoming a Freelance Writer course with Knowadays will help to ensure that you have the knowledge, skills, and strategies to succeed in your freelance writing career.

Check out the testimonials page on Knowadays’ website to get a sense of what previous students think about the company and its courses.

Personal Experience With the Knowadays Writing Course

Working as a freelance writer from a hammock in spain
Working as a freelance writer is a job that can be done anywhere in the world

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Knowadays freelance writing course. The materials are all presented in an accessible, easy-to-follow format, and they manage to cram a lot of useful information in without being inaccessible or overwhelming.

I like how the course blends theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, to help give you a realistic sense of what it’s realistically like to be a professional freelance writer.

As a freelance writer myself, I feel that the information and scenarios presented in the course are all spot-on and accurately reflect the practical realities and nature of freelance writing.

I like that the modules are structured in easy-to-digest modules to help keep you engaged. This also means you can complete the course in as many sittings as you choose.

My one piece of negative feedback would be about the cost of the course versus how long it takes to complete. It only took me around 10 hours in total to complete the course, so it’s fairly expensive on a per-hour basis.

See below for a more in-depth discussion of the costs of this course and whether it’s worth it.

Taking the Knowadays Freelance Writing Course

module from the knowadays becoming a freelance writer
The modules in the course are easy to follow

In this section of my review of Knowadays’ writing course, I’ll go into more detail about some of the key features of the course. To give you a better sense of what the course involves, I’ll walk you through what’s included and the topics covered.

What’s Included in the Course?

Here’s a summary of the key features of Becoming a Freelance Writer by Knowadays:

8 Modules: Each module is well-structured and covers a range of highly relevant topics, such as how to use content briefs, effective research, SEO, client management, and more.

Templates: Downloadable sample documents and email templates (e.g. outreach for prospective work, responding to advertisements, chasing unpaid invoices, responding to feedback, etc.).

Quizzes: Unassessed end-of-module quizzes to test your understanding and reinforce your knowledge.

Final assessment: This takes the form of a simulated real-life freelance writing assignment. You’re given a brief and a style guide, and then have to write and submit a blog post which is assessed by a member of the Knowadays team.

Detailed feedback: Once your final assessment has been marked and graded, you’ll receive detailed feedback from a Knowadays tutor. You’ll also be offered a 1-on-1 feedback call with the tutor to run through your results in more depth and discuss any issues you may have faced, as well as raise any additional questions you may have.

Publishing opportunity: The chance for your own writing to be published on Knowadays’ blog (great for building your freelance writing portfolio) if you score 80% or higher on the final written assessment.

Topics Covered in the Freelance Writer Course

This is an overview of the main topics covered in the course. I’ll go into more detail about each of these in the following sections:

An introduction to freelance writing

The nature (and perks) of writing as a freelancer

Challenges faced by freelance writers

Content writing versus copywriting

Different writing styles

Key things to consider when following a brief and style guide

An introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How to write SEO-friendly blog posts

Managing client relationships

Practical tips and information on how to find work as a freelance writer

Knowadays Freelance Writing Course Outline

knowadays becoming a freelance writer course modules
Module 6 from the Becoming a Freelance Writer Course

Here’s a breakdown of the course, including what’s covered in each module:

Module 1 (Introduction): This is a brief overview of the course, how it works, how to access the materials, and other preliminary information.

Module 2 (Freelance Content Writing): An introduction to freelance content writing.

What content writers do

Key differences between content writing and copywriting

Different types and styles of content

Module 3 (Preparing for a Content Writing Project): This module is all about understanding what your client wants, including the scope of the project and the nature of the brief.

How to understand and use content briefs

Useful research skills

Understanding your target audience

Module 4 (Writing Professional Blog Posts and Articles): This is the largest module in the course and provides detailed advice and insights on how to write high-quality blog posts and other articles.

How to structure blog posts and other articles

Common blog formats

Writing persuasively

Ways to avoid “fluff” when writing

Working with word counts and other guidelines

Mastering a specific tone and voice

Finalizing your content so it’s ready for the client

Module 5 (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is a huge topic, but this module provides a helpful overview of the key features of SEO that you’re likely to encounter as a freelance writer.

How to write SEO-friendly content

Understanding keywords and how to use them effectively

How to write SEO meta-descriptions and titles

Module 6 (Case Study – Writing an Article): This is a practical walk-through of a fictional writing project, showing you how freelance writers apply their skills in practice.

Guides you through all the steps, from receiving the client’s brief to submitting the final draft

How to prepare for the project

Writing a first draft, and subsequent edits

Effective communication with the client

How to deal with feedback and requested amendments

Module 7 (Building Your Business): This is a super helpful module and it was my favorite part of the course. It gives you loads of practical tips and advice for how to build up a successful freelance writing business from scratch.

How to launch your freelance writing career

Building your brand

How to find clients

Deciding how much to charge

Exhibiting examples of your work through a portfolio or similar

Other useful professional advice and tips

Module 8 (The Final Assignment): In the final module, you’ll receive a client brief and a style guide, and then have to write a high-quality blog post, which is to be submitted to Knowadays for assessment. It’s an accurate simulation of a real-life freelance writing job and an excellent way to prepare yourself for the real thing.

Once completed, you’ll receive detailed feedback, and the opportunity to have a one-on-one feedback call with a Knowadays tutor

If you get a distinction (i.e. 80% or above) on this final written assessment, you will also be given the opportunity to write three blogs for the Knowadays content team

Cost of the Course

working as a freelance writer taking a course online
I completed some of the modules by the pool during sunset – choose the time and place that works for you

The Knowadays Becoming a Freelance Writer Course currently costs $999. This is an investment – there’s no denying it. You can use promo code GOATS25 to receive 25% off the entire price of the course: from $999 to $749.25. This definitely makes it easier to swallow!

When you consider that the average freelance writer in the US earns more than $25 per hour – and the more experience you have, the higher a salary you can command – for many people this course will easily pay for itself in the long run (potentially not so long!).

You can pay for the course with a credit or debit card. If you’re a US or UK resident, you can also pay in installments via a payment plan.

Lifetime Access

It’s worth mentioning that alongside your purchase, you’ll gain lifetime access to all of the course materials. So, you can go back over them as many times as you like.

I think this is especially useful given that the course contains several excellent email templates that you can use in your own business going forward. These email templates include:

Applying for freelance positions

Reaching out to reconnect with former clients

Negotiating pay on a new project

Negotiating for a pay increase with an existing client

Sending invoices

Chasing unpaid invoices

Asking for reviews and testimonials

Pushing back on requests for unpaid revisions

Pros and Cons: Knowadays Writer Course

module 4 knowadays becoming a freelance writer
Module 4 from the Knowadays Becoming a Freelance Writer Course

As with anything, there are various pros and cons to taking the Becoming a Freelance Writer course with Knowadays. However, overall, I think it’s an excellent course and the pros far outweigh the cons.

I’d highly recommend this course to any prospective freelance writer. That said, here are a few key pros and cons for you to consider:

Pros of Knowadays Freelance Writing Course

The course covers a broad range of topics that are highly relevant for anyone considering a freelance writing career

All of the content is broken up into easy-to-digest modules

Materials are laid out clearly and are easy to follow

Quizzes to reinforce your knowledge

Good blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises

Realistic scenarios and case studies to help you learn how to tackle real-life tasks and problems

An excellent introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps de-mystify this extensive topic

Lots of practical advice on how to write SEO-friendly blog posts, without requiring any technical SEO expertise

It’s 100% online so you can complete the course from anywhere in the world, whenever works for you

Lifetime access to all course materials

Chance for detailed 1-on-1 feedback with a Knowadays tutor following your final assessment

If you score 80% or more, you can get your writing published on the Knowadays website, which is an excellent way to help you build up a portfolio of your work

Lots of useful practical hints and tips to help you find your feet as a freelance writer

Excellent email templates for you to use in your own business; saving you time and effort

Cons of Knowadays Freelance Writing Course

The main con of this course is the cost. $999 is a lot of money and is likely to be a barrier for many people. However, as discussed above, successful freelance writers can earn excellent money, so it may well be a worthwhile investment. (You also get 25% off with the GOATS25 promo code)

The entire course is in the form of written material, which isn’t likely to be a problem for people who learn best through reading, however, it’s not ideal for those who are visual or auditory learners

It’s a relatively new course so there aren’t a great deal of testimonials and reviews available about it online. I’ve personally completed it though and I thought it was a great course!

Knowadays Freelance Writer Course: FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about taking the freelance writing course with Knowadays:

Is the Knowadays freelance writing class legit?

Yes, the Knowadays freelance writing class is absolutely legit. It contains lots of useful information and materials that will be invaluable to anybody considering setting out on a freelance writing career.

Are Proofreading Academy and Knowadays the same?

Yes, Knowadays used to be called Proofreading Academy. It changed its name over a year ago but is still effectively the same company.

How much does the Becoming a Freelance Writer course with Knowadays cost?

The Becoming a Freelance Writer course costs $999. However, you can get 25% off if you take advantage of the “GOATS25” discount code. Click here for details.

Why should I take a freelance writing course?

The world of freelance writing can be very competitive. Taking a freelance writing course can help to give you an edge over your competitors. Think of it as an investment in your future success as a freelance writer.

Does Knowadays provide guaranteed writing work?

Knowadays gives everyone who scores 80% or higher on this course the opportunity to write up to three blog posts for the company’s content creation team. This is a great way to get your work published and featured and is likely to be especially valuable to those starting out without a large (or existing) portfolio of previous work.

In Conclusion

Overall, Becoming a Freelance Writer is a truly excellent course. It’s packed full of useful information, practical tips, and actionable advice to help you get your freelance writing career off to the best possible start.

This course will give you a solid foundation for a successful (and potentially lucrative) freelance writing career. Freelance writing is a great thing to do, and if you’ve been considering taking the leap for a while, I strongly recommend going for it – I wish you the best of luck!

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