10 Best Laos Waterfalls No Traveler Should Miss

10 Best Laos Waterfalls No Traveler Should Miss

The mystical and magical country of Laos entices and intrigues travelers from across the globe. Its rustic vibes, culture & spirituality, dense jungles, the mighty Mekong River and emerald green countryside have their own ineffable charm. Being a mountainous country with spectacular natural landscapes, Laos attracts adventure seekers for its underground caves, jungle adventures and wild waterfalls.

Pure shimmering water cascading down rocks and cliffs, makes Laos waterfalls a sight to behold. Some of the best waterfalls in Laos are in Luang Prabang while others are scattered across the country, each more alluring than the other. We take you through these water oases in Laos’s wild & wonderful countryside.

10 Best Waterfalls In Laos That Give You A Glimpse Of A Beautiful Paradise

Find out which are the best waterfalls in Laos and include them on your holiday for an adventurous cum rejuvenating experience.

1. Tad Sae Falls2. Kuang Si Falls3. 100 Waterfalls4. Khone Phapheng Falls5. Tad Yuang Falls6. Tad Fane Waterfall7. Pha Suam falls8. Tat Somphamit9. Tad Thong Waterfall10. Nam Kat Waterfall

1. Tad Sae Falls

These low cascading waterfalls in the dense jungles around Luang Prabang are a local favourite. Tad Sae waterfall appears as an array of water steps flowing through the trees with a gentle drop and a languid pace. The journey on a tiny boat upstream to reach the falls is as exciting as witnessing the falls. The area is tranquil and the jungle trails are beautiful. You can also spot bathing elephants or visit an elephant village. A restaurant nearby offers traditional Pad Thai on banana leaves. Adventure enthusiasts can also explore zip lining options in the jungle around.

Timings: 8AM-5:30PMEntry fee: 15,000 kip/person. The boat fee is separate (approximately 10,000 kip/person)

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2. Kuang Si Falls

Kuang-Si-Falls_19th oct

This shimmering, cascading 3-tier waterfall nestled amidst lush tropical foliage just like in those picture postcards is even better when you actually see it. You could simply gaze at this natural wonder in awe and stroll around the woods to the sound of the falls, or take a refreshing dip in its cool soothing waters. The pure gush of water falling down to almost 50 metres into turquoise pools is one sight you can’t get enough of. Though the country boasts of many more enticing waterfalls, these Laos waterfalls in Luang Prabang are undeniably the most spectacular. Those with time on hand can choose for a half-day Kuang Si waterfall tour to explore this bewitching beauty at leisure

Timings: 8AM-5:30PMEntry fee: Approximately 20,000 kip/personTips:

You can either hire a tuk-tuk (250000 kip/vehicle) or rent a motorbike (80,000kip) to reach the falls. Guided tours are also available at reasonable prices.
You must carry along swim wear to enjoy the beautiful cerulean pools at the base of the falls
Though you can witness the raw beauty and sheer force of the falls in rainy season, the best time to visit Kuang Si Falls is during the winters (December-April).

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3. 100 Waterfalls

stunning views of a mighty cascade at the top

This one is for the adventure seekers out to explore the mysteries of Laos, with a trek through the Nong Khiaw area in search of the 100 or more waterfalls along the way. The journey is thrilling and not easy all the way so a guided tour is a must and totally worth the cost. As you literally climb up the waterfall, the path is slippery and thus sturdy waterproof shoes are a must. The mild one and a half to two-hour hike is made interesting by the local guides, and you are rewarded with stunning views of a mighty cascade at the top.

Travel tip: Tiger Trails is the most reputed tour company for this hike.

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4. Khone Phapheng Falls

amazing natural wonder

This amazing natural wonder is undoubtedly amongst the most spectacular Laos waterfalls and also the largest in South-East Asia. The sheer force of the gushing water forming thousands of islands, rapids and waterways is nothing short of magical. The highest fall is 21 metres and the countless islands give this area the name of Si Phan Don (4000 islands). You can stroll along the area to witness the raw power of the mighty Mekong, or enjoy picnic at the various designated spots in the area. You need to take a boat ride and then walk or take a tuk-tuk/bike ride through paddy fields to reach this stunning waterfall.

Timings: 8AM-5PMEntry Fee: 55000 kip/person

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5. Tad Yuang Falls

the definition of a picture-perfect fall

Also located in the Champasak province, this majestic fall best fits the definition of a picture-perfect fall. Plunging down 40 metres from a cliff into a pool, these perfect ribbons of water bring along mist and spray to make their presence felt. You need to walk down steep slippery steps to get up close with the falls, thus comfortable walking shoes are a must. The pool at the base is a great place to cool off and swim in the hot summer months. There are lovely jungle trails to explore in the vicinity for those seeking more thrill and adventure.

Entry fee: 10,000 kip/person. Motorcycle parking: 5000 kip

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6. Tad Fane Waterfall

well-known for its gorgeous scenery

The Bolaven Plateau in Champasak Province of southern Laos is well-known for its gorgeous scenery, traditional villages and spectacular waterfalls like the Tad Fane. This stunning twin fall amidst the scenic rainforests takes a drop of 100 metres down a steep cliff into a gorge. The trip to Tad Fane takes about an hour from Pakse and is well worth the effort and time spent to get there. The unexplored forest terrain is great for sighting rare birds, elephants and the elusive leopard.

How to get there: Pakse has a bus station as well as a small airport that connects it to other parts of Laos.

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7. Pha Suam falls

one of the most unique shaped Laos waterfalls

The first waterfall on the Bolaven Plateau loop, this is one of the most unique shaped Laos waterfalls in a beautiful setting. As you cross the small bamboo suspension bridge, a short walk takes you to this lovely U shaped fall that looks like a giant water bowl. The enormous rock pool at the bottom is perfect for a refreshing swim while you soak in the beauty all around. A visit to the nearby model Lavae village is recommended.

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8. Tat Somphamit

aquamarine water beautiful wonder

Also called the Li Phi Falls by the locals, this gorgeous waterfall is located n Don Khon right after crossing the French Bridge. One of the best Laos waterfalls in the south, Tat Somphamit is an endless series of water cascades and raging rapids. The aquamarine water beautifully contrasted against the brown rocks that it cuts through, presents a scenic picture. The area is well-laid out with trails, wooden bridges and viewing points that make for great photo ops. There is also a cafe and other facilities, as well as beach for a nice swim (need to be on guard as the current is swift).

9. Tad Thong Waterfall

 lovely Laos waterfalls

If you want to take a less touristy option after the hugely popular Kuang Si falls and Tad Sae falls, then this set of lovely Laos waterfalls tucked inside a dense jungle near Luang Prabang is a great choice. The 2-km walk through the jungle trail takes you to three waterfalls. The small lake near the ticket booth is great for a refreshing swim and a picnic around it. Sturdy walking shoes, insect repellent and water must be carried along on the hike.

Entry fee: 20,000 kip/person

10. Nam Kat Waterfall

the fall is more exciting and fun

Located in northern Laos, this magnificent fall in Oudomxay is the centre of attraction at an eco-tourism resort supported by the government. A kilometre-long trail through lush bamboo jungle & pretty brooks, as well as the ‘sky-walk’ along 13 wood and wire suspension bridges, make the hike to the fall even more exciting and fun. A shuttle takes you to the starting point, from where a guide accompanies the group to this less touristy, serene and beautiful fall.

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