Best Places To Visit In Kazakhstan For The Explorer In You

Best Places To Visit In Kazakhstan For The Explorer In You

Kazakhstan is the best and attractive tourist destination. The major landlocked nation in the whole world, Kazakhstan is mainly distinguished for its diverse and eye-catching landscape that mainly includes the whole thing from isolated steppes to the alpine scenery and the striking deserts and appealing ethnic mix. Even though Kazakhstan is known as one of the ten largest nations in the whole world, it is still a top-notch destination that numerous travelers have not added on their traveling bucket list.

Kazakhstan is also known as the passive holiday paradise and it must be place in your vacation bucket list quickly. Several of the foremost divisions places to visit in Kazakhstan are Astana, Almaty, Central Kazakhstan, Northern Kazakhstan, Eastern Kazakhstan, Western Kazakhstan, and Southern Kazakhstan.

10 Best Places To Visit In Kazakhstan

Start to these best places to visit in Kazakhstan that are also known as the points of interest for many individuals. Visit the places in Kazakhstan that are also top 5 places to visit in Kazakhstan and enjoy Central Asia destinations like never before!

Lake Balkhash

1. Astana

astonishing capital of Kazakhstan

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Astana is the astonishing capital of Kazakhstan locates as the best living illustration of this modernized country & presents well-liked Kazakhstan traveler attractions. With a lot of multi-story buildings and corporate trade centers around, the design of this capital city will surely mesmerize you. Hold the wonderful panoramic outlook of Astana city. You can enjoy this magnificent view from Bayterek Tower which is 105-meter tall.

Also, one can visit the beautiful Duman Recreational Complex that is usually known as the eventual pit-stop for the art lovers. Moreover, there is a bunch of activities to perform in Astana. The Museum of Miniatures and Seaquarium is the perfect place for the nature enthusiasts where they can enjoy over two thousand species of attractive sea animals from diverse parts spotted from all over the world.

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2. Almaty


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Almaty is the best place in foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains. Almaty is mainly recognized for its elegant location as well as picture-postcard outdoor. The eye-catching snow-capped tall mountains protect the city and formulate it for the best and attractive backdrop ever. The most popular city attractions add the Central State Museum in the visitor’s list. The Central State Museum has a special importance as it holds rich cultural legacy houses. Until 1997, Almaty was known as the capital of Kazakhstan. But still, it is one of the favorite tourist places in Kazakhstan.

You can enjoy nature’s grandeur in Almaty as well as go around for shopping at the Zelyony Bazaar and Dostyk Plaza. Moreover, the Green Market is the well-liked place to procure fresh meats, fruits, clothing, and other household possessions. Some other admired tourist places in Almaty are Charyn Canyon, Beatles Statue of Almaty, Big Almaty Lake, The Last Wild Apple Forests, Kok-Tobe Hill, Almaty Central Park, Kolsai Lakes, Lake Issyk, Panfilov Park, The Arasan Baths, and Central State Museum of Kazakhstan.

3. Aktau

Lake side

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Aktau is an almost forty-year-old city that is overlooking the huge Caspian Sea which is also known as the mesmerizing beauty. The place is known for ancient architectural ensembles. The eye-catching cultural centers, cinemas, concert hall, and big libraries from the ancient times, spread in all over the town. One can also visit Aktau city roads for long hours approving the green and attractive alleys that are lined with some acacias and poplars, architectural ensembles, the emerald-green lawns, and beautiful parks.

Many other well-liked tourist attractions in Aktau are Botanical Garden, World War II Memorial, Costa Cafe, Regional Museum, Taras Shevchenko Statue, seafront, multi-colored and eye-catching mountains in the Altyn-Emel National Park.

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4. Lake Balkhash


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The Lake Balkhash is the major resource of the hydroelectric projects and it is one of the famous places to visit in Kazakhstan. It is located at 600 miles to that of east of the Aral Sea. This lake is popularly rocky and high towards its northern banks. Moreover, one can mark a lot of antique rock-cut traces in this lake. This lake was also known as the major place of breeding to many marine lives that included more than twenty different species of fishes. But over the time, some of these fish species died due to depreciating and downgrade the quality of the lake water.

There are many fish species that are reintroduced in the lake such as sturgeon, Sazan, pike, Aral barbell, and eastern bream. There are some other rivers that feed to the eastern division of this lake that include Aqsū, Qaratal, Lepsi, and Ayagoz. The water of the western part is better than the water in the eastern part as the water in the eastern part is salty.

5. Baikonur

elegant locatio

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Baikonur is the city which is administered by the Russian Federation. Baikonur is known for the world’s largest and oldest space launch ability. If you are a space technology and history buff Baikonur is the place that has a lot of attractions which will definitely stimulate you.

There are many tourist attractions in this place such as Baikonur Cosmodrome, Cosmonaut Grove, Tribute to Yangel, Nedelin catastrophe, and Yuri Gagarin statue.

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6. Oral

Beautiful place

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Oral is a beautiful place in Kazakhstan which has its association with Russian History. The place was founded by Cossacks in 1613 and majority of the residents in Oral hail from Russia. The place has much architectural and cultural opulence including Christ the Savior Cathedral, Russian Drama Theater and Museum of Yemelyan Pugachev. It is one of those places where you get to treat the adventure-seeker in you. So pack your bags and get going!

7. Oskemen

Beautiful flowers

Image SourceFounded in 1720, Oskemen is situated at the meeting point of the Irtysh and the Ulba rivers and the place is popular for the attractive and exciting electric-blue mosque. The famous tourist spots in Oskemen include the Zhambyl Zhabayev Park, hanging out in Strelka, natural scenery, flora and fauna of the region; you can also buy honey from this place while enjoying your trip to Kazakhstan.

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8. Pavlodar


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Founded in 1720, Pavlodar has its historic importance and it is among the old cities located in Kazakhstan. Well known for the famous Russian architecture and historic past there are many sights that attract tourists. Some of the important tourist attractions are Mashkhur-Jusup Mosque, Chekhov Theater and the beautiful Cathedral of Annunciation. You can also enjoy a boat ride while holidaying in Oskemen.

9. Shymkent

Long roads

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Founded in the 12th century, Shymkent is one of the most ancient cities of Kazakhstan. This beautiful and fascinating city was once a caravanserai beside the Silk Road. The city underwent destruction by various nomadic tribes and Genghis Khan along with his army later in 1864 the place was conquered by Russia and then it turns into the essential trading center. Today Shymkent is a modern city with some great hotels to stay, nightlife, European-style club, restaurants, good markets and cinema halls. When you are in Shymkent, you must visit the ancient Sauran city to watch the ruins. You can also visit Sairam mausoleums.

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10. Temirtau


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Temirtau is a small yet beautiful place which you can visit while on a trip to Kazakhstan. The meaning of the place is the iron mountain. There is a small steel mill in the place where you can make a visit to explore the historic building. Other important places to visit in Temirtau include Winter Garden in Vostok Park and workers’ memorials.

According to its history, the country has been majorly ruled by the invaders in the 13th century and in the 18th century ruled by the Russians. In the year 1991, the country elected their president Nursultan Nazarbayev and confirmed their independence. A wide range of royal canyons, arid plains, seamless deserts, ancient structures, and colossal glaciers account for the popular and well-liked places to visit in Kazakhstan and all these are mainly responsible to make the country a stunning and year-round destination.

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